What Is The Purpose Of The Dark Night of The Soul? Intuitive Empaths Need To Know This!

We want to talk about the Dark Night of The Soul a little bit today. Specifically: What is your end game?

What Is The Dark Night Of The Soul

First a little recap: The Dark Night of The Soul is a period of spiritual desolation typically suffered as part of a mystical awakening in which all sense of comfort is removed and you are on your own. Time to grow up, nobody is there to tie your shoes. This is the time you either crumble or put on your grown up pants.

Basically this is a spiritual crisis that occurs as a necessary part of the journey toward union with the divine (if you are a religiousy type person) OR it is the last step in self actualization or self realization if you are more of a mind hacker.

And that is what we want to talk about today.

What is Self-Realization?

People use the expression Self-Realization in Psychology, Philosophy and spirituality.


Think of Self-Realization as the “fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality” It is knowledge of your true self that liberates you in some way. Now this “liberation” can mean different things depending on your belief.

Let’s talk about Sigmund Freud. He was super skeptical of religion & esoteric philosophy. BUT, he started the ball rolling & influenced the field of self understanding in the West more than anyone. His ideas were developed most notably by his student Carl Jung. Jung developed the idea of individuation, a lifelong process where you shift from the ego to the TRUE SELF.

Western Esoteric systems are kind of a melting pot of ideas, which is a wonderful thing! Many of these systems center around the idea of self-realization as the ultimate goal of a human being and one of the major pre-requisites to attain ultimate enlightenment and liberation. Not LIBERACE!
How do we get it? That’s more than we can cover in this blog! But, what we CAN tell you is this: Self-realization means peeling away fabricated layers of your personality to understand your true self and by extension THE TRUE NATURE OF REALITY. So BASICALLY the answer to the Universe!

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