Russian Psychologist Unlocks Key To Enlightenment?

In 1931, Russian psychologist proposes a radical concept that accelerates and deepens learning through community.

Community Connects

Concepts Easily.

Zen Ed Academy is built to radically amplify your metaphysical training in a safe space!

Learn with the support of your community of like minded powerhouses!

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A Russian psychologist by the name of Lev Vygotsky (1896 – 1934) developed a concept that unlocked the way to rapidly accelerated learning through a community dynamic.

We integrate Neural Bridge Alignment into the Application Phase of Student Practice that integrates Instructional Scaffolding Strategies based on this concept that we learn more, faster, from people that are within our range of awareness. And we also learn more by sharing our knowledge with others.

In other words, you learn more, faster in a group of like-minded people of all skill levels.


  • Perception Creates Reality
  • Personal Responsibility Leads To Positive Action
  • Your Zone Of Genius Helps You Learn More, Faster
  • Social Support Helps You Learn Faster

What Is Neural Bridge Alignment?

It is THE most effective, sure fire way to
Unlock Your Psychic Gifts
In The Next 30 Days

We weave our unique methodology of Neural Bridge Alignment into everything we do to literally align your brain in the most efficient way possible to build your psychic gifts RAPIDLY on a solid foundation with the support of the community.

You will experience our unique, proven combination of Training and Tribe to unlock TRUE Transformation.

Here's a Secret Insider Tip:
Intuitive Powers 
(Yes, ALL of them) are a function of the mind! As a function of the mind, they can be trained like an Olympic Athlete trains those amazing super human abilities.

Why Your Mental State Matters!

We've got two main parts of our brain.
What we like to call the Freak Out Center, and the Chill Out Center.
When we're freaked out, we can't chill out.
As we learn HOW to properly chill out, it takes much more for us to freak out.


Our brain is wired with a Hair Trigger, Fight Or Flight response. That response is our body's primitive, automatic, inborn response that protects us from perceived threats.
It keeps us safe when we actually need it.
It's doing it's job, right?
Yes, your brain is working perfectly as designed IF there were an actual threat to your life. Most of the time though, it gets triggered from stress that we BELIEVE is an actual threat.
We forgot how to shake it off.


Relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga are great for helping us to chill out.

BUT, what if there were a way to make that chill out state even more long lasting so that we freak out less, and chill out more?


Since 2004 we've spent over 10,000 client hours with over 2,000 clients who were dealing with a wide range of issues, many of which trauma or stress related.
Because of that work, we've created this Unique Method that we call Neural Bridge Alignment that can bring you More CHILL OUT and Less FREAK OUT, easily!
AND we integrate that into EVERYTHING we do!

According to Harvard

"People can learn techniques to counter the stress response."

2 things they mention to counter stress are integrated into everything we do:
Triggering The Relaxation Response (Guided Meditations in Zen Ed Academy) & (Likely MOST important) Social Support (The Like-Minded Support Available in The Zen Head Community).

According to Psychology Today

The term "Relaxation Response" was coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard's Mind/Body Medical Institute.
The Relaxation Response is essentially the opposite reaction to the "fight or flight" response.

According to the American Psychological Association

Herbert Benson, MD of Harvard Medical School discovered the relaxation response's power to reduce stress in the 1960s
His subsequent research found that the approach is really no different from what people have done for centuries through prayer, chanting and repetitive motion.
"You can use the mind like you would use a drug," he said. "This should empower you in your practices."


"His latest research, published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE (July 2), suggests that practicing the relaxation response can actually lead to genomic activity changes. In the study, his team of researchers looked at how the relaxation response affected each of the body's 40,000 genes and found that, compared with a control group, those who regularly used the relaxation response induced anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory changes that counteracted the effects of stress on the body."


With regular practice, clients develop quieter minds.
"With less static, less noise, traditional cognitive restructuring enters," said Dr. Benson. "People listen better. It's a more fertile environment, so you can do what you are so well trained to do -- the cognitive work, the positive ideation. It's a door opening to allow you to help change people's lives."

The components: TRAINING (Zen Ed Academy) + TRIBE (Zen Head Community) = TRANSFORMATION (The Results You Get)

A Safe, Solid Community improves your ability to learn, grow & unlock your full potential.

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August 15, 2020


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