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Zen Ed Academy

Blending the Science of Self Growth with the Magic of Mysticism!

The Secret To Trusting Your Intuition & Healing Your Inner Wounds

Elevating Intuition, Transcending Limits, Unleashing Super Powers, Transforming Self Growth

Through our metaphysical courses and connected & supportive like-minded community, you can learn mediumship, tarot, and other tools to for your own development or as a skill to build or expand your own metaphysical or healing business.
Our mission is to help you stand out, stand strong, and do more with your unique super powers, while promoting self-love and self-care.
It's time to crush imposter syndrome and self-doubt and build self confidence and learn how to trust yourself.

Stop Fighting & Set Yourself Free!

David A Caren, Heather Kim Rodriguez, Zen Rose Garden, Zen Ed Academy, Zen Head Community

Hi, it's David & Heather, and we're here to help you build the life you want to live!
Imagine stepping into a resounding self love in as little as 7 days,
without spending decades spinning your wheels in standard talk therapy.

Zen Ed Academy, Zen Rose Garden, Zen Head Community, Human Emotional Response Optimization, H.E.R.O. Method, As Seen On
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"MORE Than 10 Years of Therapy!!"

"You guys have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 years of therapy!!"

Maryann Humphrey, Zen Rose Garden Testimonial, Zen Ed Academy Review

Maryann H. Zen Ed Academy Member

The Secret Weapon Is...
Self Love!

One of my all time favorite quotes, by David A. Caren is this...

"If you reject yourself, nobody can accept you.

If you ACCEPT yourself, nobody can reject you!"

Today, we want to CHALLENGE you to discovering a GENUINE, lasting Self Love in as little as 7 Days with just ONE of the courses in Zen Ed Academy (The Self Love Blueprint)!

You might doubt it's possible in only 7 days, but what if it IS Possible?

Is It Worth The Leap Of Faith?


We challenge you to Experience Serious Self Love In As Little As 7 Days!
We GUARANTEE it WILL change your life.

(With Our Absolute Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee)

 "The Real Deal! Totally Genuine in Helping Others!"

"Heather & David are the real deal, they have "service and others" in mind and are totally genuine in wanting to help others. I have had the great pleasure to interview them for the Dare to be Kind Movement and I am so touched at how open and easy going they are and how wanting to help others stands central to them. Thank you Heather and David for all you do."

Gabriella V.
- Zen Ed Academy Member

It's Time To Change Your Life!

Zen Ed Academy

MIGHT just be the missing piece to the puzzle of your life!

Brought to you by the founders of Zen Ed Academy™️

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David & Heather

Bringers of Brain Juice

Tamers of Wild Unicorns & Wayward Fairies

Founders of Zen Rose Garden (Home of Zen Ed Academy)

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  • The Zen Head Community
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About David & Heather

We've spent over 10,000 client hours since 2008 creating proven systems that have worked for over 2,000 clients worldwide to Hack Their Minds, Heal Their Hearts & Connect Their Souls so that they can Love Themselves, Trust Themselves & Live Their Passionate Purpose (all while gaining 500+ Verified 5-Star Reviews).

What People Are Saying About Zen Ed Academy


"Absolutely LOVE Heather and David. I joined the Zed Ed family and I had a session with David that put me in the right direction. I was introduced to them through a mutual friend and I WAS LIKE OMG I HAVE TO JOIN. So I did and I have loved every bit of it they truly are FAMILY! The group sessions are amazing and I LOVE them all. ALL of the group members are absolutely amazing and talented individuals. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE David and Heather's energy, jokes, comments and personalities they are the absolute best. They make you smile, cry, laugh, love and most importantly have a BADASS LIFE!!! Thank you to my friend for introducing me to these amazing individuals and the Zen Head Community."

Priscilla R.
- Zen Ed Academy Member
Cheryl Ellis, Zen Rose Garden Testimonial, Zen Ed Academy Review

"Healthy Brain Diet"

"absolutely loving your foundation series in #ZenEdAcademy Definitely a healthy brain diet. yo, pulling all of my crap out of the closet and growing. Good times. its deep, and so real. Thank you guys."

Cheryl E.
- Zen Ed Academy Member

More From Our Zen Heads️

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Zen Ed Academy™️

The Secret To Trusting Your Intuition & Healing Your Inner Wounds

Everything You Need To Experience A Happy, Fulfilled Life of Peace, Clarity & Confidence In The Next 30 Days (And Beyond)!

Zen Ed Academy™️ is our ongoing program that connects you to your strong Emotional Foundation, Quality Education & Intuitive Expansion. Zen Ed Academy™️ provides you the tools, techniques, guidance, support, and education to finally make a difference in the world by discovering and honing your special spice, so you truly CAN become the change you wish to see in the world. Our specialty is helping you process and work through the traumas and emotions to build a solid mental and emotional foundation while you explore your intuitive gifts and build your confidence rapidly.

Zen Ed Academy, Zen Rose Garden, Zen Head Community, Human Emotional Response Optimization, H.E.R.O. Method, As Seen On

Are You Ready?

I know changing your life in ONLY 7 DAYS Might SEEM Impossible... but...


WHAT IF IT WORKS? How would that change your life? Are you willing to find out?

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